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Lesson Delivery Tools


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


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  • I'm a... blueprint for learning. Teachers can add text, video, images, and quizzes, and students can travel through the material sequentially. 

  • I'm great for... lesson delivery independent learning, and exploratory learning.

  • Categories: Independent Learning, Lesson Delivery, Show & Assess, Flipped Classroom


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  • I'm a... tool that embeds check for understanding questions into videos. I track student answers and record whether a student watched the video. You can upload your own video or use videos from any source.

  • I'm great for... lesson delivery, independent learning, flipping the classroom, and lessons for substitutes.

  • Categories: Independent Learning, Lesson Delivery, Show & Assess, Flipped Classroom, Video, Presentation, Instant Feedback


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  • I'm an... online collaborative bulletin board that can be used in numerous ways. I can gather responses to any topic or question from multiple people at the same time. 

  • I'm great for... brainstorming, collaboration, discussing various ideas, entrance/exit tickets, KWL charts.

  • Categories: Collaboration, Brainstorming, Presentation


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  • I'm a... "facebook-like," student-friendly learning management system through which teachers can set up digital classrooms. 

  • I'm great for... setting up a digital classroom with assignments, assessments, discussion boards, and more.

  • Categories: Learning Management System


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  • I'm a... presentation tool that allows teachers to add interactive features (like questions/quizzes, polls, videos, and drawings) into their presentations. Nearpod is comparable to an interactive PowerPoint with awesome data tracking. 

  • I'm great for... checking for understanding, participation, lesson delivery, show & assess, flipping the class.

  • Categories: Lesson Delivery, Show & Assess, Flipped Classroom, Quick Assessment, Instant Feedback


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  • I'm a... engaging, creative presentation tool. Rather than having slides (like a PowerPoint), I use the power of zoom. Viewers zoom in and out between content, and my "wow" style is great at showing relationships between ideas.

  • I'm great for... presentations and showing relationships between concepts.

  • Categories: Presentation, Concept Mapping, Lesson Delivery, Collaboration


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  • I'm a... top-notch Learning Management System that allows teachers to create digital classrooms (assessments, assignments, discussion boards resources, links). I have the most user-friendly interface that makes teachers and students fall in love with me.

  • I'm great for... managing a class, teacher grading, communication with students, all types of assessments.

  • Categories: Learning Management System


HISD's District-wide Learning Management Platform

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  • I'm... HISD's learning management systems designed to be each teacher's digital home base.

  • I'm great for... creating a digital classroom (posting assignments, assessments, discussion boards, important links, handouts)

  • Categories: Learning Management System


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  • I'm a... tool that creates interactive images. I can create 'touch points' on an image that link the viewer to another image, text, video, or more. 

  • I'm great for... making digital posters, concept overview, compiling information on 1 topic, and exploratory learning.

  • Categories: Presentation, Independent Learning


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  • I'm a... video tools that allows users to create interactive experieces by embedding questions (quizzes) into avideo. Users can record their own videom, pull content from YouTube and Vimeo, add images and text, and track student responses. 

  • I'm great for... substitute lessons, differentiating learning, checking for understanding, and tutorials. 

  • Categories: Video, Flipped Classroom, Presentation, Show & Assess, Supplemental Work, Indepdendent Learning, Instant Feedback, Lesson Delivery, Differentiated Learning 

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