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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


HISD's District-wide Learning Management Platform

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  • I'm... HISD's learning management systems designed to be each teacher's digital home base.

  • I'm great for... creating a digital classroom (posting assignments, assessments, discussion boards, important links, handouts)

  • Categories: Learning Management System


  • Go to:  > "Digital Resources" > "Social Studies" > "ABC-Clio"

  • I'm a... database for social studies.

  • I'm great for... research and finding articles.

  • Categories: Research


  • Go to:  > "Digital Resources" > "English" > "Acheive 3000"

  • I'm an... online differentiated reading comprehension program. I can distribute a reading comprehension assignment to all students in a class, but I tailor it individually based on Lexile information.

  • I'm great for... improving reading comprehension. 

  • Categories: Online Learning Program, Reading & Writing


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  • I'm a... fun, silly tool that allows you to upload a picture, give it a mouth, and make it talk. You can upload any audio file or record your own voice.

  • I'm great for... adding fun and entertainment to a portion of a presentation.

  • Categories: Presentation


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... blueprint for learning. Teachers can add text, video, images, and quizzes, and students can travel through the material sequentially. 

  • I'm great for... lesson delivery independent learning, and exploratory learning.

  • Categories: Independent Learning, Lesson Delivery, Show & Assess, Flipped Classroom

Class Dojo

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  • I'm a... classroom management master.

  • I'm great for... tracking student behavior (negative and positive) in a fun, student-friendly way. I can be a scoreboard for classroom games or I can log student participation. I also have a built-in random student selector to help with cold-calling.

  • Categories: Classroom Management


  • Go to:

  • I'm an... online annotation program that lets you annotate any webpage and compile your resources. I streamline research workflow, because you can bookmark, highlight, save screenshots, and make notes in your Diigo library.

  • I'm great for... online annotation and knowledge management.

  • Categories: Productivity, Reading & Writing, Research


  • Go to:

  • I'm an... infographic maker that allows users to create and share visual ideas online. I feature thousands of free infographic templates and design objects which users can customize to create and share their visual ideas online.

  • I'm great for... presentations, compiling related information, demonstration of mastery, and visual learners.

  • Categories: Presentation


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... tool that embeds check for understanding questions into videos. I track student answers and record whether a student watched the video. You can upload your own video or use videos from any source.

  • I'm great for... lesson delivery, independent learning, flipping the classroom, and lessons for substitutes.

  • Categories: Independent Learning, Lesson Delivery, Show & Assess, Flipped Classroom, Video, Presentation, Instant Feedback


  • Go to:     

  • I'm a... "facebook-like," student-friendly learning management system through which teachers can set up digital classrooms. 

  • I'm great for... setting up a digital classroom with assignments, assessments, discussion boards, and more.

  • Categories: Learning Management System


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... digital poster maker. Students can combine text, images, videos and audio to tell a digital "story" about any topic.

  • I'm great for... presentations and demonstration of mastery.

  • Categories: Presentation


  • Go to: 

  • I'm a... research tool where students can go to explore, understand, and collect evidence about any topic. You can search for any topic, and I build an interactive concept map that you can customize. Students can compile information on a given topic, review bibliography information, and use information to build research reports.

  • I'm great for... collecting information on a topic, concept introduction and exploration, finding credible sources on a topic. 

  • Categories: Research, Brainstorming, Concept Mapping


  • Go to: to create or to play

  • I'm a... gamified assessment tool through which teachers can build Kahoot! quizzes. Students compete against one another by answering question on their own devices. Students are rewarded for speed and accuracy.

  • I'm great for... simple concept review, instant feedback, whole class participation & excitement, competition

  • Categories: Gamification, Quick Assessment, Instant Feedback


  • Go to:    

  • I'm a... presentation tool that allows teachers to add interactive features (like questions/quizzes, polls, videos, and drawings) into their presentations. Nearpod is comparable to an interactive PowerPoint with awesome data tracking. 

  • I'm great for... checking for understanding, participation, lesson delivery, show & assess, flipping the class.

  • Categories: Lesson Delivery, Show & Assess, Flipped Classroom, Quick Assessment, Instant Feedback


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... reading comprehension program that allows teachers to assign leveled daily news articles with corresponding quizzes. (Each article comes with at least 5 lexile options.) Teachers can push out assignments to students based on their individual lexile levels and track growth.  

  • I'm great for... improving reading comprehension. 

  • Categories: Articles, Reading & Writing, Online Learning Program, Instant Feedback


  • Go to:

  • I'm an... online grammar program that caters to student readiness needs and interest. Grammar concepts are broken down by rules and teachers can assign activities by selecting which concepts students need to practice. I create beautiful, detailed tracking information so teachers can see where students are struggling. 

  • I'm great for... improving grammar and writing skills. 

  • Categories: Reading & Writing, Online Learning Program, Instant Feedback


  • I'm a... Microsoft program that allows users to organize content (text and various forms of media) in a flexible way; unlike Word, you can type anywhere in your work area. I am organized like a virtual binder. Information is saved in pages, which can be organized by section or notebook. .OneNote users can also share notebooks and collaborate in real time. **You can also use OneNote Classroom Creator to create digital notebooks for the class. The teacher can see all their students' digital notebooks and push out handouts, tables, and notes. 

  • I'm great for... taking notes, organizing classroom information, meeting agendas, and more. 

  • Categories: Collaboration, Productivity


  • Go to:  

  • I'm an... online collaborative bulletin board that can be used in numerous ways. I can gather responses to any topic or question from multiple people at the same time. 

  • I'm great for... brainstorming, collaboration, discussing various ideas, entrance/exit tickets, KWL charts.

  • Categories: Collaboration, Brainstorming, Presentation


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... digital storytelling tool that allows users to make their own comics. I offer a high level of customizability and flexibility. 

  • I'm great for... building creative products - scripts, interpretations of literary texts, etc.

  • Categories: Presentation, Reading & Writing 


  • Go to:

  • I'm an... easy to use concept mapping tool. Use me for brainstorming or showing relationships Each "popplet" can contain text, drawings, images, or videos.

  • I'm great for... brainstorming, presentations, organizing & analyzing ideas, storyboarding, collecting, concept mapping

  • Categories: Brainstorming, Concept Mapping, Presentation, Collaboration


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... engaging, creative presentation tool. Rather than having slides (like a PowerPoint), I use the power of zoom. Viewers zoom in and out between content, and my "wow" style is great at showing relationships between ideas.

  • I'm great for... presentations and showing relationships between concepts.

  • Categories: Presentation, Concept Mapping, Lesson Delivery, Collaboration


  • Go to:  

  • I'm a... top-notch Learning Management System that allows teachers to create digital classrooms (assessments, assignments, discussion boards resources, links). I have the most user-friendly interface that makes teachers and students fall in love with me.

  • I'm great for... managing a class, teacher grading, communication with students, all types of assessments.

  • Categories: Learning Management System


  • Go to:

  • I'm an... assessment tool with great feedback. I create quizzes and host games. My Space Race is exceptional gamification because students work individually, in pairs, or groups to answer questions at their own pace while seeing their classmates' progress.

  • I'm great for... quick assessments, CFUs, polling, entrance/exit tickets, participation, and high engagement.

  • Categories: Gamification, Quick Assessment, Instant Feedback


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... user-friendly tool that allows users to build art-inspired books. I curate artwork from artists and allow my users to use the art as their writing inspiration. People can build a multi-chapter book, multi-page book, or a one-pager.

  • I'm great for... storytelling, visual storytelling, and poetry.

  • Categories: Presentation, Reading & Writing

Storyboard That

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  • I'm a... digital storytelling tool that allows users to build comic storyboards using a number of present backgrounds, characters, images, and more. 

  • I'm great for... building creative products - scripts, interpretations of literary texts, etc.

  • Categories: Presentation, Reading & Writing 


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... tool that creates interactive images. I can create 'touch points' on an image that link the viewer to another image, text, video, or more. 

  • I'm great for... making digital posters, concept overview, compiling information on 1 topic, and exploratory learning.

  • Categories: Presentation, Independent Learning


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... interactive timeline maker. You can create and publish zooming and panning interactive timelines. You can add descriptions, links, and images to your timeline events. 

  • I'm great for... making interactive timelines.

  • Categories: Presentation, Concept Mapping


  • Go to: 

  • I’m an… interactive timeline maker. You can create and publish zooming and panning interactive timelines. You can add descriptions, links, and images to your timeline events. 

  •  I’m great for… making interactive timelines.

  • Categories: Presentation, Concept Mapping


  • Go to:

  • I’m a… real-time local twitter trend map. I show you the latest trends from Twitter from anywhere in the world, so you can see what events or ideas are on everyone’s minds. 

  • I’m great for… connecting to real life, brainstorming ideas, analyzing current events, and entrance tickets. 

  • Categories: Brainstorming, Concept Mapping


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... writing tools that aims to improve the writing process and facilitate feedback. Teachers set up assignments, students upload their work, and the feedback loop begins using the GradeMark and PeerMark features. I also scrutinize uploaded work for plagiarism to ensure submissions are original. 

  • I'm great for... improving student writing, providing feedback on writing, manafing written submissions, and checking for plagiarism. 

  • Categories: Learning Management System, Productivity, Reading & Writing


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... video sharing site that allows you to edit videos and share them.

  • I'm great for... creating a teching channel, housing student work, and editing videos.

  • Categories: Presentation, Video

  • Go to:

  • I'm a... gamified vocabulary tool through which teachers can set up digital classrooms with vocab lisits for students to practice and learn. 

  • I'm great for... practicing and tracking vocabulary in a fun, competitive manner. 

  • Categories: Productivity, Reading & Writing, Gamification


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... online conversation tool that allows people to share their thoughts about a topic or piece of media. Upload an image or video, add your comments (with audio or text), and listen to the thread that is created using other people's thoughts and responses. 

  • I'm great for... collaboration, feedback, storytelling, analyzing or explaining concepts, and oral assessments.

  • Categories: Collaboration, Instant Feedback, Presentation, Video 


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... video editing tool. I offer simple video editing at the free level and become a powerful collaboration tool with a paid subscription. 

  • I'm great for... class presentations and projects. 

  • Categories: Presentation, Video


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... simple word cloud generator. I can make a word cloud from your own text or from the content on any RSS feed.

  • I'm great for... quick analysis or concept mapping.

  • Categories: Presentation, Concept Mapping


  • Go to:

  • I'm a... video tools that allows users to create interactive experieces by embedding questions (quizzes) into avideo. Users can record their own videom, pull content from YouTube and Vimeo, add images and text, and track student responses. 

  • I'm great for... substitute lessons, differentiating learning, checking for understanding, and tutorials. 

  • Categories: Video, Flipped Classroom, Presentation, Show & Assess, Supplemental Work, Indepdendent Learning, Instant Feedback, Lesson Delivery, Differentiated Learning 

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